Fee Warehouse – Distribution Center

P • J Hardy’s provides your company an inexpensive solution to establishing and servicing your West Coast customers.  Acting as your Western Distribution Center, with a combined fifty years of warehousing experience, Pat and Jill Hardy have a proven track record of fast, efficient service and have earned a high level of confidence by our customers.  We strongly believe your sales will increase substantially with our services.

Our facility is located in Temecula at the south end of Riverside County, which is in the midst of Los Angeles, Orange, San Bernardino and San Diego Counties providing quick delivery to the largest population density in the state.

Acting as a true factory warehouse, we ship only to your authorized accounts and do not compete with them by selling to their customers.  We are not a WD, buying and selling products.  We only have one function, to deliver your consigned products to your Western customers as quickly and accurately as possible.

Your product will be maintained in a clean and neat environment, fully protected with the most modern security system.  While performing all the functions of your branch warehouse, we eliminate the need to file with the state as a foreign corporation or the paying of inventory tax.

We are able to do all this for a fee of approximately 6% of sales.

A list of distributor references and various letters from people in the industry are furnished as confirmation of our performance.

With so many companies with similar products competing for the same dollars, it will be customer service that separates the winners from the losers.  All our resources are organized to provide the highest level of customer service, readily available product and fast delivery.

If you want the maximum out of your investment, if you want the best in customer service for your accounts, then you need P • J Hardy’s.  We get the job done!  No one can do it better, faster or more economically.  Please consider the benefits we can provide your company and it’s customers.


  • Warehousing and Distribution
  • LTL, UPS, FedEx, On Trac
  • Orders received by 2:00 always ship same day.
  • Prospecting new business with sales reps providing manufacturers lost sales reports and maintaining clean and accurate inventory.


  • Shipping
  • Receiving
  • Client Accounts Receivable
  • Client Accounts Payable
  • Product Packaging
Fee Warehouse Distribution Center