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Fee Warehouse California

Shipping & Receiving

In our fee warehouse, we maintain a clean environment, accurate product count and speedy shipment of your product.  We ship via UPS, FedEX, On Trac, Common Carriers.  For shipments requiring LTL shipping, we shop various brokers to get your company the lowest possible freight cost.

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Fee Warehouse California

A/R and A/P Services

For companies that require us to bill customers for shipments made by P • J Hardy’s Distribution Center, we can offer that service. We can also handle COD and wire transfer for those customers that require it.

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Product Packaging

We are able to assemble and package product on your company’s behalf.  You provide the packaging – we do the rest!

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what we do for you

We offer the highest level of customer service and honesty in the fee warehouse and distribution industry. We never sell other company’s products to your customer.  You can be assured of zero inventory shrinkage, a safe and secure environment for your product, and fast shipping.

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